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Here is the basic introduction of Proxy selling concept.

Amazon proxy selling is the way to get instant cash flow to your business, but it’s not really recommended to long term business scaling

This is a revolution and a systematic way of engaging 2 types of sellers.

  • Proxy Sellers Type one:  (Shopify/eBay sellers) and
  • Proxy Sellers Type Two:  FBA sellers.

This way a lot of smart people in the world with no capital will be able to make $300-500 a month potentially and FBA sellers will be able to gain sales velocity and able to move their inventory faster. Those with FBA inventory want sales velocity and willing to do anything to gain Reviews in order to rank and build the brand equity and on the other hand the proxy sellers don’t want to invest money and want an ability to earn $300-500 a month without investing capital.

So we basically are creating this collaboration between Proxy sellers & FBA sellers. Those with dead inventory can get the dead inventory liquidated in a matter of days or weeks due to huge army of proxy sellers in our platform.


FBA sellers used to purchase several products from a local store (basically discounted price) and the same product they list on Amazon at the regular price. But it’s not recommended because this offer ends up soon and it can’t be a good point of scale of your business.

The criteria to join the proxy seller group are simple. You must have eBay seller account and Amazon prime buyer account in order to join the group and be able to list a product within 24 hours’ time otherwise you won’t be able to join this group as I want to keep it super exclusive group as I have to assure that every member is busy and engaged and doing something and making something out of this group. I don’t want an unnecessary, non-serious time-wasting crowd in this group. Anyone who is unable to focus and list inventory within less than 24 hours won’t stay in the group and will lose the opportunity.

So for proxy sellers, the goal is to list 100-300 FBA inventory items and for FBA sellers their goal is to have hundreds of proxy sellers listing their products in their marketplaces and able to move this inventory on daily basis. We have explained all the procedure and some basic rules already. And we will keep training all of you if you required.

Please make sure, if you need help regarding the setup sales to funnel beside proxy selling as for- Shopify or own a website, but not getting sales, We will eagerly guide to you to bring traffic on your site/landing pages. For further info just click here.

The non-USA countries in the world to institutionalize something at this scale and ability for thousands of people to make $300-500 potentially every month and FBA sellers to build rock-solid multi-hundred-thousand dollar brands/equity overnight. This revolution would bring evolution to our group. Let’s utilize this army of proxy sellers and let’s double up our economic activity in the group now.

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